Wenalyze turns numbers into people


Wenalyze is a Big Data Analytics platform that applies lookalike models based on open data sources to banks and insurers'​ databases enabling them to discover new selling opportunities, improve their cross-selling rates and identify customers who are likely to commit fraud.


Detecting new selling opportunities and increasing cross-selling campaigns conversion rate.

Fraud reduction

Building analytical models to assign a DB a fraud probability scoring.

How the platform works

GDPR Compliant

Wenalyze links open data sources and the internal data of the insurance companies to detect the life events and lifestyle of their policyholders that are related with insurance coverages. The application of technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data and Semantic Analysis enables insurance companies to detect selling opportunities and reduce fraud rates. The methods used have been developed following the European Union rule of Data Protection (GDPR) UE 2016/679.


Meet our team members:

Carlos Albo

CEO – Data Protection Officer (Business Development)
After 15 years experience in the insurance industry and Data protection, Carlos founded Wenalyze in 2016.

Roger Ferrandis

CDO – Translator (Data and Linguistic Algorithms)
With 4 years experience as Community Manager, Roger joins Wenalyze managing the data and elaborating analytical and linguistic algorithms.

Vicent Sebastià

CTO – Software Engineer (Machine Learning)
5 years experience in web development, Vicent manages development department always focusing new technologies adaptation.

David Delgado

CFO – Auditor & Consultant (Finance Expert)
David Delgado has 20 years of experience in corporate consultancy, auditing and accounting and joined Wenalyze to build the funding strategy.

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