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Using open data, Wenalyze analyses clients and draws personal profiles based on working, leisure and finance risks as well as way of living, hobbies, likes and personality traits. Therefore, banks and insurance companies can offer personalized and fitting products to their clients, improve cross-selling processes, reduce fraud and classify their clients.
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The increase of sales through cross-selling processes, higher ad conversion and more selling opportunities detection in real time.

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Social Autofill

Social autofill in insurance products form from Social Media profiles Log-in.

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Risks and Fraud

Analysis and classification of users according to financial and health risk indexes.

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Engagement followers increase generating content related with their likes and conversation topics.

How does it work

Wenalyze features
Finds current and potential clients

Based on the tracing of traffic in Social Networks, the crossing of data with open data sources and the optimization of the own data of the companies, Wenalyze creates personal profiles of each of the users fulfilling the EU 2016/679 data protection act. Wenalyze captures the information of users in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in real time. Subsequently, it classifies, orders and analyzes this information. As a final step, send all possible sales opportunities to the company. The information is filtered and ordered according to quality parameters of the accounts detected, risk factors and susceptibility to purchase.


Meet our team members:

Carlos Albo

Founder & Business Developer
After 15 years experience in insurance sector and Data protection, Carlos founded Wenalyze in 2015.

Roger Ferrandis

Translator & Analyst
With 4 years experience as Community Manager, Roger joins Wenalyze managing Social Media integration and developing linguistic algorithms.

Vicent Sebastià

5 years experience in web development, Vicent manages development department always focusing new technologies adaptation.

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