9th August 2016

Application areas


  • Event Seeker: in a user lifetime there are some events that may be sensitive to insurance (such as house or car buying, child bornt, etc.).
  • Event Seeker: users complaining about your competitive businesses can be a good opportunity to set a conversation.
  • Cross Selling processes: we can find a user client who needs insurance. Wenalyze sets up to alert the company when a client user in need of insurance is  found. Twitter may be not the best platform for selling, but his broker or agent can give him a call which can be more properly.


  • Event Seeker: clients complaining about their insurance company avoiding user profile mentioning.
  • Personality profile: we can prevent digital crisis detecting users with high hostility ratings based in their language usage.
  • Real Time data about to empathize with client user profiles comenting or complaining about our company.


  • Proactive user management: users which don’t know that their insurance policy can take care about the claim they just shared.
  • Claim real time detection: insurance company can find real time claims and give direct support to their costumers even before they contact the company.


  • Way of living and likes followers analyses: we can share content related with our followers likes and hobbies.
  • Lead generation of clients contact for brokers/agents.

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